Acer Introduces the Acer OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality Headset
Acer Introduces the Acer OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Acer Introduces the Acer OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality Headset

The new detachable design makes it easier than ever to experience Windows Mixed Reality

Editor’s Summary: 
• The Acer OJO 500 is the first Windows Mixed Reality headset and first Virtual Reality headset to feature a detachable design, patented built-in sound pipe technology, and software-assisted interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment technology
• The headset’s unique detachable design makes it easy to clean and share among multiple users (family and friends, or in a business environment)
• Available with either a hard head strap or soft washable head strap that each provide a snug yet comfortable fit to keep the headset firmly in place
• An integrated audio system focuses sound on the ears, eliminating the need for headphones
• The patented IPD technology ensures the display is set at the optimal distance from the wearer’s eyes
• Easy to set up with inside-out tracking and 6 degrees of freedom positional tracking
• Commercial customers can personalize the headset with a logo or company colors on the front cover
Berlin, Germany (August 29, 2018) – Today at the next@acer Global Press Conference at IFA, Acer announced its new Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset, the Acer OJO 500. The new headset features a one-of-a-kind detachable design that offers superior flexibility, comfort, and hygiene for consumers and businesses.

“The Acer OJO 500 brings several significant new features to this class of Windows Mixed Reality headsets,” said Andrew Chuang, General Manager, Presence Computing, IT Products Business, Acer Inc. “We’ve improved the user experience with innovative visual and audio technologies and made the headset more comfortable and easier than ever to use.”

First Windows Mixed Reality Headset to Feature a Detachable Design 
The Acer OJO 500’s unique design enables the lens and head strap to be individually removed, making the headset easy to store and clean. This is especially beneficial for businesses who want to provide customers with clean headwear for each use.

Available with either a hard or soft head strap, both provide a snug yet comfortable fit. The soft head strap is machine washable, and the extra-large padding on the hard head strap helps the headset fit securely and firmly in place. In addition, the mask can be flipped up, eliminating the need to remove the entire headset to answer the phone or converse with people in the room.

IPD Wheel enables Customized Viewing 
For maximum clarity, the Acer OJO 500 includes a built-in interpupillary distance (IPD) wheel and a patented smart phone app to measure IPD distance (the gap between the eye’s pupil and the display). The software-assisted IPD measurement app, Acer IPD Meter, along with Acer IPD Indicator software lets the wearer modify this distance for sharper, clearer images and a more enjoyable experience.

Two front-hinged 2.89-inch high-resolution liquid crystal displays provide a wide 100 degree field of view and deliver a 2880 x 1440 resolution. A fast refresh rate of up to 90 Hz delivers clear and realistic images for an immersive mixed reality experience.

Integrated Audio System Eliminates the Need for Earphones
In a first for VR headsets, the integrated audio system uses a patented sound pipe design that directs sound from the built-in speakers toward the wearer’s ears. The unique design gives users the option to leave ears open to be aware of the surroundings while still enjoying an immersive experience, ideal for use in public spaces where users may not want to be totally cut off from their surroundings. The integrated audio system consists of embedded speakers, a patented sound pipe, and a built-in mic array. For customers that require more privacy and deeper immersion, they can use the built-in earphones that come with the hard head strap, or an earphone of their own choice with the soft head strap.  

Easy Set Up with Inside-Out Tracking 
Featuring inside-out tracking, the camera is on the headset so there is no need to drill holes in a wall or set up extraneous hardware. As soon as the headset connects to a Windows Mixed Reality-ready PC, it installs the required software. Setup is quick and easy taking about 10 minutes. The 6 degrees of freedom positional tracking includes forward/back, up/down, and left/right as well as pitch, yaw and roll. The headset comes with a 4 meter (13 feet) cable allowing a wide range of movement, and connects to a PC via HDMI 2.0, while a USB 3.0 connector downloads data.

Motion Controllers Included 
The Acer OJO 500 comes in an optional configuration that includes two Bluetooth enabled motion controllers that sync with the headset; a Windows 10 button, touchpad, and grab button to let users interact with digital objects in mixed reality.

Windows Mixed Reality 
As a Windows Mixed Reality headset, there are currently more than 2,500 games and applications available for the Acer OJO 500 between the Steam VR and the Microsoft Store platforms. It requires a compatible Windows-based PC.


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